by simon baird

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Videogames are good

In the space of a couple of days two new games have arrived at my house. Firstly Shadow of the Colossus. After plenty of hype and a long wait I have been looking forward to playing this. So far it has not dissappointed. The beasts are so beautiful though that it seems wrong to kill them. The sound of your sword plunging into their skulls and the black blood jetting out as they try to shake you off is quite a moving experience!

The other game that arrived is We Love Katamari, the sequel to Katamari Damacy which I have never played. This must-play game was clearly created by some insane genius. The game consists of rolling stuff up in an ever growing sticky ball and presenting it to the king of the cosmos. By stuff I mean everything, but you can only pick up stuff that's in your size class. Anyway, you should really try it some day.

Also still playing Half Life 2 on the Xbox. We are up to the part where you have to pick up your car with the crane while avoiding ant lions.

Ps, in a little over a week I'll be going here to attend this. Should be pretty good!

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