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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

learn to play a-punk with ezra

it's pretty easy!

Glad to see the Annandale hotel is still alive

Unlike the Hopetoun...

'Disillusioned: the perils of social media', or 'kill your idols'

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It doesn't seem right for Frank Black to be getting into Farmville.

Hang on... Stop press! His PA is playing Farmville. I detect no small amount of irony in that status update. All is well with the world...

Now, what's Trent Reznor's position on Farmville? LOL

Life Without Buildings - New Town - Live at the Annandale Hotel

Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodgame backlash


Here's my advice for the producers. (It's waaay too late now, but
maybe for next time..) What you should have done: You introduce the
girl. She reads the news headlines. Does some some feature stories.
Builds a fan base. A few eps later she 'fills in' for Junglist. Then,
gauge the response. Maybe a while later she fills in again while
Junglist is 'away on assignment'. Then... maybe after that... you can you dump
the guy.

According to this:

"I won't be on the show anymore, it wasn't my choice, and I don't agree with the ABC's decision. They offered to let me say goodbye on air in controlled circumstances, I declined because I didn't want to appear to condone the ABC's decision."

I've heard this was the highlight of the Tokyo Motor Show

Joanna in January

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

i have tested the bridge thoroughly and found it to be very nice

(take two. flickr auto blog via email unsatisfactory)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

bus vs train

once I was running up to the bus and the door closed. then the bus driver lady opened the door! accustomed as i was to trains this was a surprise. i had turned away and started wondering when the next bus was

the train door will close it's door when it's time to close. it will do this without regard for your physical well being let alone your commute schedule. platform staff are generally (and no doubt there are exceptions) highly unsympathetic


if you miss the bus then wait about five minutes and, bam, there's another bus. (this is based on my personal experience boarding either on adelaide street or coronation drive).

if I miss the 5:12pm at milton on the way home the next departing train is 5:40. enough said. if I miss the 8:12am at central the next train is 8:39 (or something). to be fair, i guess there are more frequent trains earlier than that but if I want to sleep a bit, bad luck, train gone.


my place to central is quite a few blocks. it's pretty much diagonally opposite me if the cbd was a big rectangle. it's about eight minutes if you power walk.

i'm not really sure how many places around the city i can get on a 4xx bus. quite possibly there are many. but the bus stop 40 adelaide street is about two blocks closer than central and there's no up hill section.


i get on the first bus i see on coro drive. from what i can tell it goes pretty much a different way every time. sometimes i get a tour across the william jollie and back past the art galleries and the cultural center. sometimes we dive into the bus only ramps and tunnels that wind all around under the city. and when the bus stops you get off and it's like woah, where am i now. for example: top of queen st mall, middle of queen st mall near hungry jacks, all different parts of the myer center, king george square, and those are just the underground places. sometimes you don't even go underground at all, you just end up somewhere int he city. you just don't know.

a. pretty much the same route every time. b. scenery generally but not entirely consisting of concrete, grafitti and the backs of buildings.


sometimes when you're standing up (which isn't that often, especially since i have a reverse commute) and taking a corner you're gonna have to hang on pretty tight or you're going to end up in someone's lap. especially when twittering or playing chess.

it's pretty smooth ride


$2.80 or something. go card capable.

$2.70 or something. go card capable.

tie (actually i can't remember the exact figures, but it's close enough to be a tie)

score so far:

train: 1.5
bus: 4.5

but i'm going to give the train one extra point for engineering coolness and one for roma street platform at a certain time of year when you're changing lines and the setting sun is exactly in line with the platforms and the tracks

final score:

train: 3.5
bus: 4.5

overall winner:


search juice:


Monday, October 05, 2009

in japan you can get ambidextrous fridges!

IKEA love

By far and away the best crappy bookshelf I've ever bought. And I've bought quite a few. IKEA Billy. $89. And you can get all kinds of other matching components and extensions. This is my junk room/office/study/music studio/guest room. I'll try and find a 'before' shot for you...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

just more fun with autostitch

I mean it's not like panoramas are new or anything. It just seems cool that I can make them directly on the iPhone.

Happy times at IKEA

Friday, October 02, 2009

Reno Dakota

Not too sure about video but...

song writing perfection...

plus sweet banjo

Song of the week

Reno Dakota - The Magnetic Fields
Sorry no link.. will get back to you..