by simon baird

Thursday, January 28, 2010

more on the ipad (sorry :)

nerds two years ago (you know who you are): "oh man, imagine how cool it would be to have an ipod touch with a 10 inch screen"

nerds today: "so lame. it's just an ipod touch with a 10 inch screen"

ps, here is the Steve part of the keynote in four parts: if it hasn't been taken down yet

i'm starting to think my building is not all that serious about recycling

there are two half-sized yellow-top wheelie bins. for the entire building. and one of them is by the swimming pool so it barely counts.

lily allen

at riverstage

dizzee rascal

at riverstage

iPad promo video (8 minutes) plus my thoughts on the naysayers

  • stupid name
  • it's just a bigger ipod touch
  • i have a laptop/netbook, why would i want this?
  • it doesn't have a connector/slot for hdmi/sd/minisd/vga
  • it can't run two programs at once
  • it has no camera
  • it doesn't run flash, everyone knows you need flash to browse the web
  • it can't make a phone call
  • I can't install software on it (except via appstore)
  • jonathan ive is a bit of a knob*

response to naysayers:
  • not that bad. doesn't matter. remember nintendo wii?
  • exactly
  • if you don't know then you can't have one. (it's about the ui. and the ux)
  • exactly
  • actually this is annoying me also
  • i thought a webcam would be good. prediction for future version plus built-in mic.
  • yeah that kinda sucks
  • it's not a phone
  • get over it
  • yep

* Okay that was me..

youtube vid above suppressed. godammit apple. it's a freaking advertisement. for your product. gah! your are pushing your luck today! i am trying to be positive here!
(good luck with the quicktime...)

Sunday, January 17, 2010



paper fruit stand


Joanna Newsom at the Tivoli, Jan 16 2010

There was loads of new stuff. In fact I can list the songs that weren't new: bridges and balloons, inflamatory writ (on piano), emily, esame (technically a new one since it's unreleased), colleen and sadie (both encores). The new songs seemed wonderful but I did feel a little for those seeing her for the first time and hoping to hear some more of their favourites. The back row of the band consisted of two violinists, a trumpet and a trombone. Emily sounded surprisingly close to the recording with those guys. In the front were her regular drummer and guitar/mandolin/banjo guy. Two encores. She said she felt a bit nervous and that it was their first live performance for 18 months or so. She stuffed up a few times in her wonderful way. The sound was pretty much perfect and Joanna's voice was quite amazing. I'm sure she sounds better live than on CD for some reason. There were chairs at the Tivoli and a pretty relaxed audience except one triple j listening knob-head who friendly-heckled her about liking juice. Overall.. I AM VERY HAPPY NOW. Except, no t-shirts! Possibly because the album's not out yet. (Last week of Feb I have been told).

set list here

you gotta pay the pay the bills somehow

a post gfc vader flogs sneakers at footlocker to make ends meet

"i find your lack of integrity... disturbing..." (?)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Joanna Newsome in an hour...

Psychic stereo is on fire tonight

How to email a full sized image from your iPhone (I think)

I don't know if this is widely known but I think I have just discovered a useful iPhone tip. If you mail an image the normal way (from the photo viewer) it wil be reduced in size before sending. But if you copy (tap and hold the image, copy) the image and then paste it into an email it will be sent full size. For an example see previous blog post. The first attached image was copy/pasted in to the email created from the second photo via the photo viewer. (You might notice my iPhone panorama photo posts come out in better quality now...)


in the second shot you can see my apartment

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fwd: CLEM7 Tunnel Run registration received

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: CLEM7 Tunnel Run <>
Date: Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 8:18 PM
Subject: CLEM7 Tunnel Run registration received

Thanks for registering your interest for the CLEM 7 Tunnel Run, Simon!

This once in a lifetime opportunity is set for early 2010 between 6.30am and 9am on a Sunday prior to the tunnels official opening to traffic. The date will be announced just weeks before the event so make sure you keep your calendar clear.

We will send you a reminder email to sign up to run when the official dates are announced, so use the time to get a group of friends together and start training now!

Everyone taking part in this historic, once-only event will help raise funds to support the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation in working wonders for sick kids so put your thinking caps on how you can help sick kids while taking part in the CLEM 7 Tunnel Run.

Thanks again for registering your interest!

The CLEM 7 Tunnel Run Team

Sunday, January 10, 2010

more tennis pics (from monday)

why not, i guess

but i wonder if someone other than justin langer might have been more credible to do the quote on the front...

i have failed to think of a cricket food joke... anyone..?

yeah yeahs yeahs with eyeballs

i have to say the venue could have benefited from some big screen technology. but yyys were pretty awesome.

grizzly bear

i've listened to veckatimest a few times. still not sure if it's my cup of tea. but they are good for sure.

andrew bird

the monkey thing spun around like a big leslie speaker with the violin sound coming through it


he played the best four songs from play. also the you are all made of stars one. he did a punk song he wrote when he was 16, ring of fire by johnny cash, and finished up with about 25 minutes of dance music. also he played the congas pretty well. prior to that, hilltop hoods, prior to that, jamie t.

attack of the the microwave ovens

(it's the kitchen at the new office)

Friday, January 08, 2010

"Climbing poles was a... game?" "My Mom would say 'what are you doing up there? come down..', I said, 'No, you're gonna hit me'"

(sorry, just some more jon stewart, well, john oliver actually)
you might have to watch an ad, sorry again

Monday, January 04, 2010

dear iPhone email

cool it with the hard line breaks okay? what the f? seriously.


woah. I've just noticed I've been telling people to shut up a lot
lately. also drinking too much. and not exercising at all. plus,
spending more money than i can afford to. sweet. new years resolutions ON

linesperson cam

roddick had to earn it

tennis is pretty awesome. i've never been before. almost as good as
sumo. to the drunk singing dickwads: shut the hell up.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

to those people who think avatar would have been okay if only it had some plot twists


2. It's a big budget hollywood action blockbuster. Are you familiar with the genre? What were you expecting? Name some hollywood action blockbusters with better/deeper/twistier plots.

3. Did you like that part of Dark Night where The Batman uses mobile phones to make 3D spatial mapping sonar (or some such shite)? Wow, if only James Cameron hired some of those writers. That was sarcasm.