by simon baird

Saturday, March 27, 2010

japanese wasabi honey peanuts

Combining two, no, three, no, four of my favourite things in one snack

last weekend

saw the pixies. expectations were exceeded. joey had a quad marshall quads. faces were melted. it was very loud and great quality sound. they played about four b-sides i'd never heard of. then doolittle. then five more songs in two encores that will probably fulfill your wildest pixies related dreams... :)

that was thursday night. friday i had a day off work. had delicious brunch at the gun shop (australia's supposed best cafe for 2009). benny was decent. french toast with bacon, banana, pecans and maple-ish sauce was outstanding. then met up with the n's gang in the city and taxied to cru bar in the valley. lunch and wines. the kids were there. we had a whole corner, it was cool. m wanted to play chess so i set him up with iphone chess. j charmed many 40-something yuppies in her usual fashion. put them on the bus back to city. then decided to look at beds since we were close to the furniture district. near emporium there was some kind of rapper there. he had serious diamond bling like a bicycle chain made of diamonds, baseball cap, etc. and a posse. also a lambo, black, number plate, 'DIP'. i guess it's a rental, you don't travel with your lambo, right? so we had $18 cocktails there. have you seen this place? the decor is an explosion of wtf. but it somehow works. i think it's a great achievement, decor wise. anyway, i wish I knew that rapper was. thought about asking him, but you know.. came home and bought some beer and bottles but ending up having a early night, watched some tv probably.

then it was saturday. h drove us to ikea. had a look at beds there. $1 hotdog ftw. but ended up finding one in the place next to ikea that was 40% off. that afternoon we all did some gym and a swim downstairs. h is awesome on the weights machine. i did 2km @ 10kph and pulse rate was 162. swim was brilliant.

later went for drinks, (the 3 of us) at this fancy bar called laneway that we'd been trying to find for two weeks. kabuki had a lineup so went to the place near the ferry terminal for pizza. they have wood fired, it was delicious. i talked everyone into riding the ferry around to north quay. not as cold and windy as last time but still awesome. on the way home there we found this alleyway gig. it was byo, underground kind of thing and $5 cover charge. in a semi-abandoned building on a block that was going to be redeveloped pre-gfc. this builder from port douglas told us him and his mate put it on and they are planning to paint the place and knock out a ceiling or something like that. he flys down every weekend. the whole block is owned by a russian family and they let them use it for free i think. by now we are a bit hammered. s goes home and h and i decide to try for karaoke at fat louie's but they are booked out. a band was playing rancid covers. a dude we'd made friends with followed us there so we all decided to go back to the alley way thing. another band was on by then, they were really good. i found out their name, the moses gun collective. eventually they finish and then a bit later they turn the lights on and it's time to go. i drag h away from his new drinking buddies and we decided to go to the irish pub on george and elizabeth. but we decide pretty quickly that it was a bad idea and go home.

so sunday was a late start but we went back to ferny and napped, watered the garden, patted the cats, and watched foxtel. and later, had indian food watched the new project runway i think.

Monday, March 15, 2010

a guy makes music by cutting up movie soundtracks. this one is good, it's from the movie Up

Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's blurry cos it's so fast...

Walking down to the pier: free. Swiping your go card: $2.40. Shivering
in the cold while skimming over the water and the light of the city:


Monday, March 08, 2010

"no cameras please"

mumma duck actually surprised me a bit. i looked down and an angry brown thing was chasing me! she tolerated the snaps but wasn't too happy about it. she was escorting the little ones who were meandering along and finding things to eat in the grass.

also I saw the possum again today. she stays in her spot even though it's rainy. and... she has a baby! i saw it peeping out of her pouch!

Joanna Newsom is getting more accessible...

Listen to Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes singing a Joanna song.

Then try the original (2 mins):
Long but interesting New York Times article:

Friday, March 05, 2010

I used to work here...
Laugh. Then cry a little.

Areas where the iPad will reign, part 1

  • Education. Imagine your grade one kid and all her classmates got iPads. The iPad would have interactive lessons in every subject. Learn the alphabet, basic reading, basic arithmetic, etc, etc. Also, art and music. Touch screen finger painting. Virtual pianos. Etc. The software does cool things with connectivity within the class, for example messaging, group collaboration, educational games, plus some awesome stuff that no-one has thought of yet. Later on when the child is older, every text book they ever use in on their iPad.
  • Music. Already there is an astonishing array of amazingly capable music tools for iPhone. The multi-touch interface allows a high degree of expressiveness. These tools are hampered by a small screen...

actually he looks like a ringtail

I'm worried that I've blown his cover and he will be forced to find a
new spot.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

look what i found today

little guy has the best sleeping spot. i think it's a brushtail

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

oh what the heck..

OK Go rube goldberg machine is awesome

The making of... part 1/4 you should be able to click through to the other parts...

heart cats

sorry, can't help it..

Cat and theremin

Cat versus bat