by simon baird

Thursday, July 31, 2008

wall-e supposed to be good

Handy Icelandic Phrases

Ófremdarástand  - What a mess

Já, anskotann - Fuck yeah

Sannur vinur manns - My true friend

Heyvagn á massey ferguson - A wagon of hay on a Massey Ferguson

Hoppípolla - Hopping into puddles

Brosandi - Smiling

Hendumst í hringi - Spinning around

Höldumst í hendur - Holding hands

Og hér ert þú - And here you are

Borðum og drekkum saddir - We eat and drink ourselves full

Þetta er ágætis byrjun - This is an alright start

Glósóli-leg hún - She's the glowing sun

Komdu út - So come out

á mig lítill álfur - A little elf stares at me

Nýr dagur - New day

Held áfram að leita - I continue my search


nellie the elephant by toy dolls in 1984

this is awesome. via osmosoftonia
click through to the top of the pops version if you liked that...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

last night it went below 8 degrees

08:30 EST 14.0°C
08:30 EST 14.0°C
08:20 EST 12.7°C
08:10 EST 12.0°C
08:00 EST 11.4°C
08:00 EST 11.4°C
07:50 EST 10.6°C
07:40 EST 10.2°C
07:30 EST 10.0°C
07:30 EST 10.0°C
07:20 EST 9.3°C
07:10 EST 8.7°C
07:00 EST 8.3°C
07:00 EST 8.3°C
06:50 EST 7.9°C
06:40 EST 8.0°C
06:30 EST 8.0°C
06:30 EST 8.0°C
06:20 EST 8.4°C
06:10 EST 8.7°C
06:00 EST 8.3°C
06:00 EST 8.3°C
05:50 EST 8.5°C
05:40 EST 8.3°C
05:30 EST 8.2°C
05:30 EST 8.2°C
05:20 EST 8.0°C
05:10 EST 8.4°C
05:00 EST 9.6°C
05:00 EST 9.6°C
04:50 EST 8.1°C
04:40 EST 7.7°C
04:30 EST 7.9°C
04:30 EST 7.9°C
04:20 EST 8.5°C
04:10 EST 8.3°C
04:00 EST 8.2°C
04:00 EST 8.2°C
03:50 EST 8.3°C
03:40 EST 8.9°C
03:30 EST 8.7°C
03:30 EST 8.7°C
03:20 EST 8.1°C
03:10 EST 8.6°C
03:00 EST 8.6°C
03:00 EST 8.6°C
02:50 EST 8.7°C
02:40 EST 8.9°C
02:30 EST 8.7°C
02:30 EST 8.7°C
02:20 EST 9.0°C
02:10 EST 8.6°C
02:00 EST 8.4°C
02:00 EST 8.4°C
01:50 EST 8.6°C
23:40 EST 9.8°C
23:30 EST 9.6°C
23:30 EST 9.6°C
23:20 EST 9.8°C
23:10 EST 9.6°C
23:00 EST 9.5°C
23:00 EST 9.5°C
22:50 EST 9.7°C
22:40 EST 10.4°C
22:30 EST 10.2°C
22:30 EST 10.2°C
22:20 EST 10.5°C
22:10 EST 10.7°C
22:00 EST 11.0°C
22:00 EST 11.0°C

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tenori-On Inspired PacklSound1 iPhone App Coming Soon, But Not Soon Enough [...

try doing that on your blackberry/htc/lg smartphone
via Gizmodo by Jack Loftus on 7/26/08

The Tenori-On is the zany Yamaha touch-based musical sequencer that caught our eye earlier this year, but this cool PacklSound1 iPhone app could very well be the portable version that puts us over the edge. It's a simpler version of the original $1,200 Tenori-On box, but that didn't stop the designer from laying down a quick, catchy beat. Seeing it in action, makes me want it right now:

And here's the original video demonstrating Tenori-On's seemingly infinite capabilities: []

Monday, July 28, 2008

countdown till staturday night

some sigur ros related silliness: (he saw toads)

if you're curious:

ez Components?

I'm looking at using ez Components to build a workflow kind of app. ez Components comes from norway and is a set of php classes for doing pretty much anything. It looks pretty good and seems to be reasonably well documented and under active development. Before I start wading in, does anyone have any experience with this? There doesn't seem to be much buzz about it around the blogosphere.

Update: A blog post on object persistence in Zend and ez Components.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

uneducated thoughts on carbon trading

Imagine this better written and with photos in the style of ms fits:

Kevin07: leading carbon emission permit trading scheme....
Industry: ...we'll shut down. move overseas. thousands of jobs will go...
Kevin07: ...oh don't worry. You guys will get free carbon emission credits...
Australia: ... eh?
Australia: and did you realise we share the same atmosphere as China...?

My two point plan to reduce carbon emissions:
  • ban incandescent bulbs
  • compulsory solar hot water on all new houses

lame. political.

i for one welcome the new soft-drink party to queensland politics.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

nice desktop wallpaper

taken out the front of a campervan in new zealand in winter 2007 somewhere between wanaka and lake tekapo. if you actually want to use it then grab the huge version here. designed to be "stretched" on a widescreen monitor.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

may the crown thief contract a voracious and incurable skin disease

missing crown

last weekend at the benicassim festival appearance in spain, orri's fantastic crown went missing. if you have any information that would lead to the crown being returned to the band then please contact us. a reward is offered to whomever helps get it back.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


i call it the blind worm snake.
it's got no eyes and a teeny tiny mouth. it moves like a snake. and
has a flicky tongue. it has scales but it looks like a worm. it lives
in my palm tree.

Friday, July 18, 2008

jQuery is a beautiful thing...

        // check they answered everything
        if ($('input[@type="radio"]:checked').size() != $('.question').size()) {
            alert('Please answer every question.');
            return false;
        return true;

Monday, July 14, 2008

sultans turkish drive-thru

north brisbane somewhere

rather special fruitcake

i bought this in a charity auction at the mt crosby school fete

super monkeyball on ipod touch

slightly weird acrobats


supermarket drums

aldi, strathpine

Thursday, July 10, 2008


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 10:44 PM
Subject: Dispatch of SIgur Ros tickets - sorry if this is late and you already have the tickets!


Ticket store

Shipping confirmation for order number


Your ticket order is now on its way to you !

Your order has been packed and despatched using a registered mail service, to the address below. A signature will be required.

Simon Baird
51 B______ Cres

If the delivery is not successful, a calling card will be left, advising you of how to arrange a new delivery date or delivery address.

Your reference number is RD 2______ and you can track the delivery by calling Australia post on 131318 or by contacting your local post office.

Please get in touch if you haven't received your order one week before the date of the show.

We hope you have a great show

all @ Sandbag


so i watched the first half an hour of heima (on a 720p screen with an upsampling dvd player btw). it is ridiculously good. it makes you want to live in iceland. or new zealand (the iceland of the southern hemisphere). it makes you want to wear knitted jumpers. it makes you want to hug someone. it makes you wonder where the hell your tickets are. i may be a little strange but i can't watch a live version of se lest without sobbing. actually i'm getting a little choked up right now thinking about... moving on to með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. i can't pronounce it but i can report that is amazing. as good as takk but with more variety.

Sunday, July 06, 2008