by simon baird

Friday, July 31, 2009

more queens than the wickham

these were only a few hours apart...!

What are the odds of that?!

(am digging chess)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

the ballet

la bayadere.
i would have to say it's my favourite ballet.

a day in paddington


it was a while ago now, but...



medieval fair

i had heard enthusiastic descriptions of last year's medieval festival. but nevertheless it was an order of magnitude cooler than i could had imagined. highlights: the furriers, mead and bread/cheese nuts at the buck, the giant hunks of meat cooking above fires, the renaissance fencing guys swords, the many smiths, the archery guys, the battle dudes, the other battle dudes, the swords, (oh the swords), the minstrels and the gypsy dancers, the jousting tourney, the guy who tried to chop a bit of wood with his giant sword after a few to many meads, and just an overall vibe that i can't describe exactly but i will say i can't stop smiling now thinking about it and looking at some of these photos. abbey medieval festival. i heard they need a new venue next year because the current venue isn't big enough! happiness

"Need any help with the laundry?"

moar fabrik sofner plz. kthx.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello world in TiddlyWiki 2.5 and jQuery

Not sure if there is or will be a jQuery-ish createTiddlyButton. But in any case here is a super basic example to get you started with jQuery and TiddlyWiki...

(Presuming you know a little bit of pre-jQuery TiddlyWiki here, for example I haven't even put in all the macro handler params).

See it in action...


jQueryHello: {
handler: function(place) {
createTiddlyButton(place, "click me", "click me", function() {
$(place).parent("div.tiddler").hide("slow").show("slow"); // woah
$(place).append("We're not in kansas any more, Toto.<br>");


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The world flag is quite beige

robertpykeSomeone should look at overlaying, with some kind of transparency, every countries flag, to see what the "international" flag is.

trevorandersenIcon_lock@robertpyke It'd probably just be a grey rectangle...

robertpyke@trevorandersen Possibly even beige.. how very neutral ;)

trevorandersenIcon_lock@robertpyke Almost what you're looking for:

robertpyke@trevorandersen: Nice, thanks for that.

DanielBaird@robertpyke RT: "Someone should look at overlaying, with … transparency, every countries flag, to see what the "international" flag is."

I was intrigued and wondered how quickly I could do this. About twenty minutes for a very rough version. Here it is:

Here is some ruby:

After a little more googling I found this:

but I think I am going to leave it now for more productive uses of my time. Anyone want to take over please be my guest.

I just realised it should be a jquery script that adds images one at a time and adjusts the opacity with each image addition. There's some chance I will actually make this because I would like to see it...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009