by simon baird

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stationwagon Photos

Click the link above to view some new Stationwagon photos. The photos were taken by Sharyn and Alex (I think) at the Radiators support gig on January 14th at the Dalrymple Hotel.

PS, I discovered that flickr won't let me have more than three photo sets unless I upgrade to a paid account. So that's why these aren't in a set. The tag url thing is almost as good though.

PPS, If you have good bandwidth check out Interesting Photos at flickr. It's a good place to waste time and look at nice photos.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Very cool flash games

These are really cute. You have to solve the puzzles by clicking on stuff. Discovered by Lynn at PiB. So far I did No. 5 part 1 and Mr Zhong part 1.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Radiators radiate

We didn't do the Charters Towers gig as originally planned but the Townsville gig at the Dalrymple hotel was pretty decent. There were around 300 people there, way more than at the Spazzys gig. The crowd were forced to listen to way too much U2 before the show started, so seemed glad when we went on. They really liked our last song "Got Low" and gave us a pretty good amount of applause and even some dancing.

The Radiators were great. I thought they exuded class and sounded really good. They are quintessential 80s Aussie rockers and their sound was perfect 80s Aussie rock. The crowd (mostly in their 30s and 40s) took a while to fully get into the show but by the end the place was rocking. They threw in some covers, The Beatles, Revolution and The Angels, Coming Home, which had me thinking, "hang on, was this a Radiators song?", and an encore including a bass solo and a killer drum solo. The lead singer, who looks like a cross between Roger Daltry, Steve Kilby and (cricketer) Geoff Lawson is very charismatic, even though he doesn't say much, preferring to leave the talking to the bass player. Anyway, overall I give it a solid B+.

I took some photos of the gig.

In response to Michael,
AC/DCKings of Oz Rock
The AngelsQueens of Oz Rock
The RadiatorsI'm bumping them up to Prime Minister
JetAssistant to the Shadow Treasurer of Oz Rock
You Am IAssistant to the deputy Mayor of Oz Rock
But seriously, I saw You Am I a couple of times. I didn't think that were that great.