by simon baird

Thursday, July 30, 2009

medieval fair

i had heard enthusiastic descriptions of last year's medieval festival. but nevertheless it was an order of magnitude cooler than i could had imagined. highlights: the furriers, mead and bread/cheese nuts at the buck, the giant hunks of meat cooking above fires, the renaissance fencing guys swords, the many smiths, the archery guys, the battle dudes, the other battle dudes, the swords, (oh the swords), the minstrels and the gypsy dancers, the jousting tourney, the guy who tried to chop a bit of wood with his giant sword after a few to many meads, and just an overall vibe that i can't describe exactly but i will say i can't stop smiling now thinking about it and looking at some of these photos. abbey medieval festival. i heard they need a new venue next year because the current venue isn't big enough! happiness

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