by simon baird

Sunday, January 03, 2010

to those people who think avatar would have been okay if only it had some plot twists


2. It's a big budget hollywood action blockbuster. Are you familiar with the genre? What were you expecting? Name some hollywood action blockbusters with better/deeper/twistier plots.

3. Did you like that part of Dark Night where The Batman uses mobile phones to make 3D spatial mapping sonar (or some such shite)? Wow, if only James Cameron hired some of those writers. That was sarcasm.

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Green Apple Cat said...

Fantastic Mr Fox was mediocre at best with no funny bits what-so-ever. (Seeing as I tainted your Where The Wild Things Are experience, I thought I shouldn't do the same with Wes Anderson goodness.)

In all honesty though, it wasn't a heart-tugger like some of his other movies. No tears from me anyway. Not the same depth of emotion as WTWTA, but still entertaining.