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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Joanna Newsom at the Tivoli, Jan 16 2010

There was loads of new stuff. In fact I can list the songs that weren't new: bridges and balloons, inflamatory writ (on piano), emily, esame (technically a new one since it's unreleased), colleen and sadie (both encores). The new songs seemed wonderful but I did feel a little for those seeing her for the first time and hoping to hear some more of their favourites. The back row of the band consisted of two violinists, a trumpet and a trombone. Emily sounded surprisingly close to the recording with those guys. In the front were her regular drummer and guitar/mandolin/banjo guy. Two encores. She said she felt a bit nervous and that it was their first live performance for 18 months or so. She stuffed up a few times in her wonderful way. The sound was pretty much perfect and Joanna's voice was quite amazing. I'm sure she sounds better live than on CD for some reason. There were chairs at the Tivoli and a pretty relaxed audience except one triple j listening knob-head who friendly-heckled her about liking juice. Overall.. I AM VERY HAPPY NOW. Except, no t-shirts! Possibly because the album's not out yet. (Last week of Feb I have been told).

set list here


Jennifer said...

You're so lucky! But nice to read your blog about lovely Joanna.

Unknown said...

Great to see my favorite harpist getting some respect!

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