by simon baird

Thursday, January 28, 2010

iPad promo video (8 minutes) plus my thoughts on the naysayers

  • stupid name
  • it's just a bigger ipod touch
  • i have a laptop/netbook, why would i want this?
  • it doesn't have a connector/slot for hdmi/sd/minisd/vga
  • it can't run two programs at once
  • it has no camera
  • it doesn't run flash, everyone knows you need flash to browse the web
  • it can't make a phone call
  • I can't install software on it (except via appstore)
  • jonathan ive is a bit of a knob*

response to naysayers:
  • not that bad. doesn't matter. remember nintendo wii?
  • exactly
  • if you don't know then you can't have one. (it's about the ui. and the ux)
  • exactly
  • actually this is annoying me also
  • i thought a webcam would be good. prediction for future version plus built-in mic.
  • yeah that kinda sucks
  • it's not a phone
  • get over it
  • yep

* Okay that was me..

youtube vid above suppressed. godammit apple. it's a freaking advertisement. for your product. gah! your are pushing your luck today! i am trying to be positive here!
(good luck with the quicktime...)

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