by simon baird

Friday, April 10, 2009

One of the good things about my new job

It's not quite as good as coffee from the shop. But it's almost as
good, it's free and it's help yourself. One button grinds, packs,
gives you coffee. Milk is harder: push button, turn knob on side, wait
a few seconds for steamer to be ready, dip tube in a milk. It sucks it
up and steamed milk comes out. When you have enough, push the button
again and it flushes the milk straw with hot water to rinse it. And
you're done.


Mad Cat Lady said...

gloating is very unattractive

FND said...

I'm jealous.
By comparison, we were thrilled to finally have acquired a water cooler recently...

I hate paying £2 for a cup of coffee (and it's not exceptionally good either) - it's just not right.