by simon baird

Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodgame backlash


Here's my advice for the producers. (It's waaay too late now, but
maybe for next time..) What you should have done: You introduce the
girl. She reads the news headlines. Does some some feature stories.
Builds a fan base. A few eps later she 'fills in' for Junglist. Then,
gauge the response. Maybe a while later she fills in again while
Junglist is 'away on assignment'. Then... maybe after that... you can you dump
the guy.

According to this:

"I won't be on the show anymore, it wasn't my choice, and I don't agree with the ABC's decision. They offered to let me say goodbye on air in controlled circumstances, I declined because I didn't want to appear to condone the ABC's decision."

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Unknown said...

man... hated this. Jung was cool. and both bajo and this chick sounded like noobs when discussing forza 3. Granted jung himself claimed many a time that he was a noob as well when it came to racing games, but its the way he made his point. These two look like retards.