by simon baird

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Walking and climbing robots

Walking and climbing robots are coming! Imagine that big one when it learns to perform lethal kick attacks on humans. Imagine that little one climbing your leg while you slap it in desperate agony as it digs it's little claws in harder. GAH!! ROBOTS!!!!


Green Apple Cat said...

I actually got to see ASIMO live "in person" in Paris. His thing was being able to walk up and down stairs. He was cool.

simon said...

I stood outside the Toyota pavilion at expo 2005 in Aichi. Actually I queued to get into the 'outside the pavillion' area. (The queue to get in for a show was about 4 hours in blazing heat). Inside was the trumpet playing robots and the dancing robots. I could see them on a tv screen but not in person/robot. You know in a couple of years robot death matches are going to be awesome!