by simon baird

Monday, March 27, 2006

Arctic Monkeys versus The Libertines, or Why I Need an iPod Nano

So I had put some new music onto my iPod shuffle, including the Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines, both of which I had not listened to before. I was listening to some tunes while doing housework, as I like to do, when I heard a song I really liked. It had a lazy kind of brit-punk sound and I thought, "Ahah, it's the Arctic Monkeys". I slipped the switch from shuffle to non-shuffle and listened to a whole album of amazing songs. By the time I had finished stacking the diswasher and washing the pots I was like, "believe the hype, the Arctic Monkeys really are the hottest, freshest thing in rock". Later, I discovered that I was listening to the Libertines the whole time. Imagine my embarassment! Since then I have listened to Arctic Monkeys a little but I still feel like the Libertines are my new favourite band, (even though they don't exist any more). So, if you're like me and are a little behind in discovering The Libertines I highly recommend you get hold of their self-titled album. They are a little like new-rock (Strokes, Franz Ferdinand) crossed with the Pogues and the Kinks. As for the Arctic Monkeys? Well they are pretty good also.


Anonymous said...


Lol, Artic Monkeys Vs The Libertines? Hah The Libertines all the way.
Arctic Monkeys are so over hyped.

I used to be a big Arctic Monkeys fan, and like you i decided to pop on The Libertines, and I am just so angry at myself about not listening to them any sooner.

Pete and Carl please reunite!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Blog.

Libertines > Arctic Monkeys.

Libertines re-invented indie and have a real passion for music with deep meanings behind their songs.

Anonymous said...

Arctic Monkeys are in a different world to every band, no-one is anywhere near as good as them

Anonymous said...

ooof close
libertines for me

Anonymous said...


Percussions said...

Tough choice! I love the two bands. I think they are both good in making music, their songs are both well-written, good guitars and of course, outstanding percussions.

David said...

I thank Arctic Monkeys everyday, but only because it was through them I discovered the Libertines. Arctic Monkeys are cool but the Libertines may very well be the best band I've ever heard in my entire life. Imagine my self hatred having only discovered them in 2011. I'm american so I guess its understandable, they are nearly as big over here.

David said...

Also, the Libertines' lyrics have a certain depth that Arctic Monkeys lack.