by simon baird

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Motorcyle Maintenance

I would like to relate this true story in the form of a dialogue. The muffler is like a soup can and the bit that fell off is like a cap on the can with a hole in it. The cap keeps the cotton wool looking stuff from falling out and I think it also stops the can shaped bit from coming loose.
Motorcyle shop guy 1:You've lost the little end bit off your muffler.
Me:Okay. Can you get me a replacment?
Guy1:What you need to do is buy this muffler and clutch kit. It's $340 for the kit plus $160 installation.
Me:Well my clutch works fine. Can you just replace the muffler?
Guy1:(As though I was a bit slow) No. It's a kit. They come together. It's a performance kit.. It will make your scooter go faster. What's your top speed?
Me:75 kph.
Guy1:Ok... Well it might make your scooter go faster. A little.
Me:Is there any cheaper option?
Guy1:[Thinks for a bit]. I could sell you a used clutch and muffler kit that we took of another scooter when we installed the performance clutch and muffler kit. It might make you go slower though.
Me:How much would that be?
Guy1:$250 plus $160 for installation.
Me:[Thinks. I was actually considering paying for this!] Okay, I'm going to leave it for now. Thanks very much.
Guy1:You'll be back...
Me:The end bit of my muffler fell off. Can you help me?
Motorcyle Shop Guy 2:Here take this [can shaped thing] right off. You don't need it. Might make you a little louder than before.
Me:Okay thanks!
Guy2:Keep it and if you ever want me to fix it I will weld a little bit here and you'll be good as new.
Me:Okay, how much would you charge me for that?
Guy2:Let's say around $120 depending on how long it takes.
Me:Fantastic. Thank-you very much.
In you're wondering... Guy 1 is the long haired guy who works at the big Yamaha place on Ross River Road. Guy 2 is Steve at a place over on the road to Joyce Mayne.

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