by simon baird

Monday, March 27, 2006

End of The Stationwagon?

Drew and Zoe, the songwriting half of The Stationwagon are moving to Melbourne. I hope they find a new bass player and drummer and that The Stationwagon continues. I would guess that Melbourne would be a healthier environment for the band to grow. But I noticed they let the domain name expire so perhaps they feel it's time to draw a line and move on to new things. Like Drew's electronic project, AUX (web site, myspace page). At least we went out on a couple of high notes. And I think I will try to rescue

Also Chinchy (official site, fan site) have finished their second CD at last. You can download their entire album of alt pop grooves at

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PiB said...

Too bad about Stationwagon. It was sounding like you were getting some decent gigs.