by simon baird

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Awesome Robot Fighting

I recently commented that robot fighting was going to be really cool in a couple of years. I was SO WRONG!!!! Robot fighting is cool NOW!!!!!!! The new champion of the world is called OmniZero.2. He's the little red guy who floats like a butterfly. Check out the moves he has: the body slam, the reverse body slam, the crouching jab, the double windmill. About half way in there's an AWESOME grapple and throw. Then he takes on a robot that's about twice his size. Here is the direct link to the video at Google Video.

This footage is from Robo-One 9, held in Tokyo on 18-19 March. This video was created by a Japanese site, see here. There is some pretty good coverage of Robo-One in English at, including video of the free-for-all rumble with all the top robots.

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This article was picked up by The Raw Feed! Welcome fellow readers of The Raw Feed. :) Also it made it to Engadget who picked it up off The Raw Feed. Also mentioned on Techeblog, OhMyGizmo, a City of Heros forum...

Update 2
Despite being the crowd favourite and the winner of the tech demo category, OmniZero.2 actually didn't win the combat tournament.

Update 3
The clip (but not this post) made the front page of digg.


PiB - Nicarra said...

What a cutie and powerhouse combined! Throwing the big robot was quite good.

Anonymous said...

:( About your rawfeed plagirism they DO give a link to the page ( the title is a link to the title thats how i got to your blog :) ) The Raw Feed really doesnt have many sources to my knowledge. They just repost stuff of other sites ! ((I make that conclusion from what I have seen, since all his posts usually lead to the original posts))

simon said...

I hadn't noticed there was a link to this page from the title. I may have over-reacted a little, but it was a shock to see my words reused like that with no apparent credit just a couple of hours after I wrote them. In my post I take care to say clearly where I found the info I'm passing on. I've cooled my jets, smoothed my feathers, taken a few deep breaths and I feel better now. :)

Mike said...

I didn't plagiarize. I put your words in quotes (I was quoting your blog) and linked to your blog entry -- however, I made a mistake with the links, and they didn't show up on the site. I've fixed it now.

simon said...

Okay mike, sorry about the premature accusations. Thanks for fixing the link.

Anonymous said...

That really is an awesome video! Japan is so far out. Slam!

Jaxon said...

how did u get this blog on the google search thingie?