by simon baird

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Amazing Cyclone Larry Video

No link because I can't find it! I saw this on Sky News yesterday. It was taken by a guy from a snack bar in the main street of Innisfail. He left his camera out on the bench pointing out the front of the shop while he and his family and/or coworkers hid under mattresses in the bathroom at the back of the store. The video shows pieces of debri being blown from left to right across the front of the shop at ridiculously high speeds. Like imagine a formula one car at top speed going past a window, only much faster and not touching the ground. At one point what looks like an entire roof zips past. The shop front glass which is heavily taped eventually bursts and glass showers into the shop. Anyway I want to find this video. I thought it would be all over youtube by now but the only cyclone Larry videos I can find are lame. In the news story there are interviews with the people from the shop as well as the cyclone footage. Does anyone have it?

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