by simon baird

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Shadow of the Colossus

Ico was one of my all-time best gaming experiences. This is the new game from the creators of Ico. I don't buy many games at full price (Resident Evil 4 was the last one) but this I will buy on sight. This guy liked it. Ps, still waiting for any PAL Katamari. :(


Scott said...

I haven't spent more than fifteen minutes playing a computer game since Final Fantasy 7 on the original Play Station. However, that guy's review makes me think I should buy a PS2 just to play Shadow of the Colossus! For the experience of a lifetime!!!

simon said...

Do it! And pick up GTA: San Andreas while you're there. That's a damn fine plan. Also Resident Evil 4 is coming out real soon for PS2. Buy that asap and play it with Miranda!