by simon baird

Monday, October 03, 2005

Best value lunch in Townsville

I hesitate to do this in case word gets out and they have to cancel the whole deal, but I figure there's about three people reading this and two of them don't live in Townsville so what's the harm... I'm talking about the Upper Ross Hotel Mega Meal. Here's the deal. You pay $10. For you $10 you get:
  • A meal (I think there's about four to choose from. I always get the Chicken Schnitzel with coleslaw, chips and gravy. It's damn good. Similar to the picture except imagine some coleslaw and some chips on the plate. I will get an actual photo next time).
  • A ticket which entitles you to a free drink, either a pot of beer, a glass of wine or a softdrink
  • Five one dollar coins. Seriously. You give them $10. They give you back five one dollar coins. It's not change. It's part of the mega meal deal. Actually I think they give you a ticket which entitles you to five one dollar coins. Then they give you the coins and take the ticket. This all happens in a split second. It can be quite confusing if you are unprepared.
Now obviously their target demographic puts the coins in the pokie machines or the keno but if you pocket those coins you have gotten yourself what I call the best value lunch in Townsville. Lets suppose your pot of beer is worth $2.00 then your food cost you just $3.00. Still want more? You can help yourself to free coffee and tea from the coffee machine. (Okay the coffee is basically undrinkable but you can have a complimentary cup of tea and get out of there like a bandit). And remember this is only about 10 minutes drive from uni across the new bridge.


Scott said...

Worth moving back to Townsville for!

Daniel said...

Still no photos?

simon said...

Photos now here!

Anonymous said...

Also check out the Herbert in the city. They have a $5.99 Schnitzel and 2 for 1 TBones that are huge.

Larissa said...

Ya why not try Herbert's. I guess their deal is quite nice rather than Upper Ross Hotel Mega Meal….