by simon baird

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Stuff I would blog about if I spent more time here

  • Photos of my cats getting their triennial (is that a word?) flea bath
  • The release of TiddlyWiki 1.2.33 closely followed by 1.2.34
  • The fact that I am selling my car. Want to buy my car? 1993 Tarago, 180,000kms, 8 seater, dual air con. $14,900 ono.
  • The Julien Temple Sex Pistols movie I watched on Tues night on World Movies (love my austar movie channels), which would be a great continuation of a theme...
  • My frustration with IE's lack of support for my lovingly crafted set of methods like this one:
    Element.prototype.addNodeWithId = function(...) {
  • The AJAXie ldap controller thingy I'm trying to build anyway...
  • My awesome new TiddlyWiki plugins at MPTW
  • The fact that I rode my (not really mine) scooter to work for the first time today. It's 50cc but I was doing 70km/h with some grunt to spare. Oh yeah that thing is great! I can fill it up for about $7 I think.
  • How good circuit training was on Tuesday, though Sam definitely needs to upgrade her CD player for an iPod shuffle. :)
  • And the Cowboys of course. Go Cowboys!
  • Some kind of rant about the uselessness of spam filters that give (any) false positives.
  • Some kind of rant about the new breed of ringtone ads (it's not just the frog though I guess he started it all) that have made Channel V and MTV unwatchable for me. I miss those channels. :(
Maybe I'll retrospectively blog some of the above. Or maybe the list will grow and grow and I'll never catch up. Or maybe I just did blog all of the above. Hmm.


Deet (aka Idit) said...

I miss those channels too... :(

simon said...

Chris I think Idit is trying to tell you something.. :)