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Sunday, May 11, 2008

groovin the moo wrapup

from the townsville bulletin

me on

mini reviews:
  • that one guy. i heard of him before. he was alright. only caught the last part of his set. he was interesting if a little gimicky
  • the custom kings. never heard of. nice harmonies. they started out a little bit alt-country, a little bit gomez, which I liked, but i lost interest a little with the saxophone
  • karnivool. I never heard of them. karnivool rocked so hard. they were a little bit tool, a little bit 30 seconds to mars. not really my style of music normally. everything was perfect. amazing songs/vocals/guitars/charisma. one of the highlights of the day. here's some myspace and website
  • gyroscope. they have a big hit at the moment, which I think they closed with. i lost interest in them because they were so blown away by karnivool. karnivool and gyroscope are both from perth
  • the herd. they are australian hip-hop royalty. i've not seen them before and wasn't disappointed. nice grooves and live bass and guitars. they really don't like john howard. this was one of their highlights.  wakeup was great. the one about scallops, well it's not my favourite but it was good too. some new ones were good.
  • spiderbait. australian rock royalty. they did a pretty good set. personally i found it a little tired and old. closed with a long version of black betty. were blown away by sneakies who played next.
  • sneaky sound system. these guys are pretty huge in aus at the moment. well it was fully dark by now. they setup some fluro stage decos and hung up their banner. smoke, face melting 80s synth. the beardy guy coming out looking like star trek. the first time the bass kicked in in the opening song. the jazz break. oh, sweet heavens, yes. the crowd and myself were in their futuristic palms.
  • the presets. also pretty big at the moment. they've been described as the pet shop boys drinking lighter fluid which I think is good. the have a real drum set which is weird but cool. they were impressing me with their sounds.  they're a lot less poppy than the sneakies. i was tired and thirsty and stuck up the back so I left before they finished, which I now regret.
  • facilities. needed more bar staff. it was about a six hour queue to get a beer I think.
  • sound system. the sound system was fantastic. it was possibly the best quality sound i've ever heard at a big rock festival.

some sneakies videos

and here's a little presets video:

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