by simon baird

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

and the most watched video on godtube is...

This one. I got half way through. I challenge you to get further. Like commenter rone08, I too, was brought to tears. (check the comments).

update... okay I watched the rest. you should too. it gets totally awesome when the hippie guy gets pumped by the music wailin in the background and starts flippin out ninja style on the uni students and they're like fightin him on the arms and the hippie guy is like, yeah? well, BAM!! and elbows them all at once in the nose and totally knocks them unconscious. and you can tell that later on he totally scores with that chick.

apologies to REAL ultimate power!!!! (and anyone else i've just offended ... :)

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Anonymous said...

.. and that's the best they can come up with? Sheesh, with all the moolah flowing in you would think they could get some decent costuming at least.

But what really interests me is why would you apologise for offending them? They make no apology for spreading their crap, distorting history and accepted facts for their own benefit. Come on, throw some mud and let it stick :-P