by simon baird

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yoshimi* is periodically obsessed with moving to New Zealand's South Island and buying house. I think she's really on to something. Take a look at this!

It's like the Tenenbaum's! Did you notice the price? $380k. For that you would get a modest one story three bedroom in the outer suburbs of Townsville. At it's NZ dollars! They're like pesos I think. Dundedin - it's 90 minutes from some of the worlds best skiing. And there are penguins

and lovely buildings like this one.

It's the home of the Regent Theatre 24 Hour Book Sale. On the downside it's cold, it rains a lot and the people talk funny (but they are nice). Who's with me? We'll have plenty of room there I think. I have cousins that can show us where all the good cafe's are.

I almost forget it's about five blocks from the octagon (that's the center of town in Dunedin), probably has ocean views, and is across the road from a park with a statue of some kind.

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* not her real name

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