by simon baird

Monday, November 24, 2008

on saturday

A week ago I gave the guy at Pet Sounds about 200 cds and about 30 records. I want him to buy them. He said he'd have a look at them and give me his price. He told me in general he pays between $1 and $5 for cds but is selective about what he will buy. No problem I said. Today I called him.

Me: Hello, I'm the guy who gave you those boxes of cds last weekend. How's it going with those?

Guy: Ah look I can't say at the moment.

Me: Right, okay. Have you been too busy to look at them? Shall I call back in a couple more days?

Guy: No, I've looked at them.

Me: Well? How much then?

Guy: Well you know how it is in retail, there are ups and downs. Not many people are spending money. The economy and all that. Sometimes things just aren't moving. Other times... [blah blah... more irrelevant rambling..]

Me: Okay, sure, but given the present situation vis a vis the current world as it stands at this fucking point in time and in particular as it pertains to you and your second hand music retail business*, what is your price for my cds?

Guy: I dunno I'll have to take a look at them for you.

Me: ... [deep breath] ... Okay then. That would be super.

Is this guy planning to screw me? He seemed trustworthy, but it's been said I am a poor judge of such things.

* possibly not my exact words...

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