by simon baird

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Heather "Polly" Havrilesky

many years ago, lets say in late 90s, back when we used lycos and altavista and google wasn't invented yet, my favourite thing on the interweb was "filler". it was a weekly feature on a website called i liked it so much i would print it out sometimes and make people (well at least one person anyway) read it. you can find it (perhaps poorly) archived here. it was kind of a wry, witty, hipster/ironic, but smart, humour for sensitive gen xers. anyway went broke and heather havrilesky had to find a new job, i guess at so yadda yadda i'd forgotten about her until just now. here is a piece she wrote about obama and "our" generation. it's longish but you might like it. tnx to rambly for linkage. heather has a blog called rabbitblog and will sell you a childless whore shirt if you need one.

Update: forgot the link, duh. Thanks Tim. Also from Tim, Bob Dylan on election night.

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tim said...

Link? Also, Dylan.

(my captcha word was "hoper")