by simon baird

Tuesday, November 04, 2008 which I ramble on some more about The Middle East

I have seen a DVD of The Middle East's CD launch at Riverway back in April. (Thanks Davey). I don't think I can explain to you how good it is. They have a 8 piece string ensemble. They have a choir. There is glockenspiel. There is Rohin, possible the most talented musician I've ever seen of who isn't already famous. He can sing and play guitar like Jeff Buckley if he wants to. (He's an incredible drummer as well by the way, see Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse). And there's Jordan who sings lead vocals on Blood and plays guitar about as good as Elliot Smith. And can sing like Elliot Smith or even Jonsi from Sigur Ros. Their sound ranges from (the aforementioned) Ros, Smith and Buckley but with some Arcade Fire kind of energy thrown in. These comparisons are to give you some idea and are probably limited by my own musical territory, but not it's not to say their sound is derivative because they are as fresh and new as anything I can think of. The video is the entire set with multiple proper cameras edited together and obviously desk sound. And Rohin thinks it isn't good enough to be shown to anyone. Personally, I disagree. Lisatron has some shakeycam vids though they don't really do it justice. Dave told me they were amazing at Grovin' the Moo (where I didn't see them) and announced at that gig that it was their last show. Though as of now they are apparently reforming later in the year and might be gigging again by February. If it doesn't happen then I'm pretty sure anything Rohin and Jordan do in the future, (hopefully together), will be amazing. Rohin is doing solo sets, occasionally 'with friends' including Jordan and Bree (I think) that are pretty much unmissable and they are both doing all kinds of stuff with the new (at least to me) Townsville (Christian) Indie Rock scene which seems to have mushroomed up in the fertile ground beneath Middle East's branches, tended by Humble Pine aka Sam. Yes, I think they all met at church group, they don't drink or party rocknroll style, and I heard they played here last year. And that's fine with me. They could be scientologists and I would still be buying their back catalog. So please, someone, find me a copy of the CD. And if you have a chance to see Rohin at Martas or Molly Malone's then you should definitely consider going.

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