by simon baird

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

look ma...

hands free on iphone with music playing. when a call comes in the music gently fades out and the ring tone fades it. i squeeze the clicker near my chin and talk. after the call the music fades back in. this works best when listening to in rainbows.

also i have direct from iphone scrobbling working again. it's not the same one i used to have. it's a more basic one that does scrobbling only. called scrobble. find it in cydia. i guess i will write an iphone review and app recomendation post some day. in short though, i still feel kinda the same as i did on 10 jan 2007.

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Green Apple Cat said...

Seeing as you don't have a link to a video to demonstrate what you mean, I've decided to get an iPhone to see for myself. :)