by simon baird

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


i've been watching firefly. finally. last night i watched 'out of fuel' with evan, the one with the flashbacks. loved. it. i was enjoying the series up until now but this episode was a level above. now i can see the great crime it was to cancel that show. and the other thing is that tv shows usually get good in the second or third season, where the characters start becoming more three dimensional and the writer/s start to get comfortable enough to push things a bit. oh well.

(where is shepherd in the above btw?)


otherchirps said...

Yep - that highlights the crime:

" shows usually get good in the second or third season."

This one was hitting its stride before the first was done.

If you have them, I'd recommend the commentaries. Only the ones by Joss though. Not just fanboi talk - promise.

The ones by other directors/writers are usually crud about budgets and lighting. Whedon tends to wax philosophical, in a good way, about what's actually happening in the episode. Professional witty bastard.

simon said...

exactly. imagine how good it might have got after three or four seasons. i might check out the commentary sometime, cheers.

simon said...

i guess we should take a glass-half-full view and be thankful that one season got made... :)