by simon baird

Thursday, May 03, 2007

the sorry state of music tv

Just for instance here's what's on right now. Channel V - Ice T's Rap School. MTV - The Hills Marathon. VH1 - Flavor Flav in yet another lame "reality" show. Other highlights, Bam Magera/Hulk Hogan/Various other D- grade "celebs" in yet more lame reality shows. Laguna beach, etc. Some lame Japanese game show with lame overdubbing (thanks Channel V). I also saw girls wrestling in slime also with overdubbing. (Trust me it's worse than it sounds). Etc. It goes on. Well it's no news that MTV makes TV shows, and once they were worth something, eg Beavis and Butthead, Daria, Pimp my Ride I don't mind, Cribs I can watch. Those where the good old days for sure. Now it's turned bad. And worse, other channels are doing their best to follow in the footsteps of MTV but with even harder scrapes of the barrel if that were possible. Eg, they have even found some crappy "reality" show from NZ. Can I get some music on my music TV? Perhaps squeeze a song or two in between the ringtone commercials (which I can do a whole nother rant about if prompted.... (On the other hand I did enjoy some of the video blog show on V). I'm not against reality shows in the broader sense, eg Big Brother. My tip: Billy to win. Aleisha runner up.

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Green Apple Cat said...

Billy is paying $19 on Sports Bet.