by simon baird

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Feist, New Buffalo

I just heard of Feist, she seems pretty good.
Feist on Leno, via Stereogum (amazing voice I think) The video for the same song, 1234 which apparently was written by New Buffalo, who I have been a fan since I saw her show in brisbane (with greenapplecat) a few years ago and has a new album out just this week, called somewhere anywhere. Her new video: New Buffalo trivia: her name is Sally Seltman and husband is a member of The Avalanches.

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Green Apple Cat said...

Just read about Feist in Who magazine tonight. Thought I should check her out when I read it, but probably would have forgotten all about it if it wasn't for your blog.

I didn't know about Sally, married to Avalanches guy. What and informative blog you have.