by simon baird

Friday, May 25, 2007

interesting article about making money with internet domains

This is about the genius who convinced cameroon to give him *.cm. Via slashdot. Some say these kind of people are just above spammers on the evil scale. I personally could argue (albeit unconvincingly) that they are actually contributing a valuable service to society. But really I just would like to be one of them. :)

I've been fascinated by this kind of thing ever since I found this site when I was looking up my (then future) bike. At the time it was one of the the top search results in Google (now it doesn't make the list, so Google is improving their filtering of this kind of thing). Take a look, it's quite impressive. I actually took a while to figure out that it wasn't a real site. Then I began to marvel at it and imagine how much money you might make if you had say 1000 of these. Or 10,000. And what if they were getting search hits from Google. WOW. Here's another nice one: At KatanaPlanet one of the "authors" has a weird name, "Melissa J. Morphew" which you can Google to get a tiny glimpse of this one guy's collection.

Getting back to the evil scale, did you know Google is very happy to make (boat loads) of money in this way too? (See here and the faq. It says "AdSense for domains is currently available to large domain portfolio owners".. so that counts me out.) And we all know Google wouldn't be evil, right..?

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