by simon baird

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My house in Google Earth

If you were paying attention to this blog about a year ago you might remember that I was very excited by SketchUp. Well I was in Google Earth and I've noticed that more and more buildings are starting to appear. There is a very dodgey looking Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Harbour bridge looks pretty good, as does the Center Point. Brisbane has a couple of buildings also. The level of detail is excellent compared to when I was last looking at Google Earth buildings. I remember looking at San Francisco. There were buildings there and it was cool but they all looked like various sized beige shoe boxes. Now we have nice looking models and even textures and so on. This inspired me to have another go at putting my house in Google Earth for real this time. I download the latest SketchUp and dug up my .skp file. I fiddled with the rotation, scale and position and submitted to the 3D warehouse. I think someone has to now approve it before it will appear. Will keep you posted. Here's a link. Better yet, here it is embedded:


Beaty said...

Excellent model Glosoli...

Are you thinking of modelling the interior as well?

simon said...

Yeah maybe. Probably windows and doors first though.