by simon baird

Saturday, May 12, 2007

the fake people

Paraphrased from big brother:
J: oh there's so many fake people in this house. oh boy I just can't stand the fake people. you're not fake, you're so genuine, just like me, that why we can hang out together
E: yeah, the other day I was thinking of saying something but I didn't say it, because I just don't feel comfortable being myself with all those fake people
J: yeah I really wish the fake people would like me more but if they don't think I'm good enough for them well I will just sit by myself and not say anything
E: I hate those people who just can't be themselves.
J: me too

My Annual BB rating card

Like: Bodie, Emma, Aleisha, Billy
Whatever: Tony, Joel, TJ, Travis, Demet, Thomas, Susannah, Nick
Can't stand: Kate, Rebecca, Haley, Jamie, Gretel

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