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Friday, August 20, 2010

Thoughts on Whyday

I read a sarky tweet something like 'oh, let's delete our blogs and remove all our code in honour of _why'. It make me pause for a second. Let's face it, what _why did was pretty uncool. In fact you could say it was massively douchey. (There i said it). So the tweeter has a point.

In some ways the date of  _why's online self destruction seems more suited for mourning, perhaps a minute of sombre and respectful silence.

But, putting that aside, Whyday is (or should be), a celebration of the other things _why is known for, not the one last unpleasant (and unfortunately most headline grabbing) thing.
I read other tweets like 'gotta do some ruby for whyday'. This is cool, sure, but I think people should know that _why wasn't really all about ruby. He was about being creative. He was about beautiful code. (Which explains why he liked ruby a lot ;). He was about the joy of programming. And the sharing of that joy.

Also, did anyone cringe slightly reading this: "(just as Camping and Hpricot led to Sinatra and Nokogiri)". It comes close to implying that our creative and beautiful code is mostly good for being thrown away and replaced by practical and mundane code. (No offence to Sinatra and Nokogiri people). (As well as that, _why's final tweets seemed to imply that he was a bit down about the Hpricot/Nokogiri thing).

Anyway, here is my clock demo (as tweeted earlier):
clock demo now more awesome and less buggy #whyday

And some why the lucky stiff linkage:

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