by simon baird

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

does this service exist?

it's a mail digitising service.

you set your postal address to, say

Box 182745
C/- Digipost
123 Whatever St
Somewhere 4000

then, for a few dollars a month Digipost will scan every piece of mail you get and send it to you by email.

their web site lets you access all your old mail digitally, suitably tagged and indexed, (maybe ocr'ed)

the web site also gives you a 'shred it' button which destroys the hard copy and a 'really send it to me', for when you get a new credit card, or your car rego sticker

the shred it button has some nice sound effect when you click it and maybe an animation.

there is some kind of eco friendly paper recycling done (at least the marketing claims this ;)

there is also an iphone app (of course).

this would be great if you wanted to travel and still be able to pay your rates bills.

of course you don't use your Digipost address for package deliveries or birthday cards from your grandma, only for bills and statements.

i think this would be pretty useful.

less this...


yes it does and it looks exactly like i imagined it!

looks like they are targeting businesses mainly

and there are others, reportedly less good. see here... (thanks @unixbigot)


schilke said...

wow that's a sweet idea...
Although I've just crawled through a very old box with very old letters (all my stuff) found accidentially in the cellar - and I believe you just can't imitate that smell of 30 yrs clammy storage... perhaps I'd miss something then...

unixbigot said...

For bills there's "BPAY View" where your bills are CCd somehow to your banks online banking site. I think you have to register with the biller.

For mail there's a flotilla of services (see here), but I dont know if there are any in .au

What I'd like is for OzPost to get digital savvy and allow verified holders of an address to register to receive notifications (email, rss, whatever) of

* Mail that has been posted to your address.
* Mail that is "on the posty bike" for your address

Since mail is barcoded and to some extent digitally tracked already, this ought to be within the bounds of possibility, and would go some way toward keeping snail-mail relevant. I'd pay for that.

Tim said...

Doing this very thing, known in the industry as mail room outsourcing, and is one of the major business units of Salmat in Australia. I wonder if they have thought of doing it domestically?