by simon baird

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

plain packs

the government wants to force cigarette companies to use plain packaging for cigarettes, ie, no colour, no logo. the cigarette companies are running commercials in protest. they claim it won't work. follow my train of logic here: cigarette companies care about making money. so if they care about this, then they think they will make less money, which means selling less cigarettes, which means it will work. so by caring about it they are proving they think it will be effective. no doubt the tobacco companies (or their advertising teams) are aware of this paradox so their campaign is based on the premise that shop keepers will have difficulty picking out the correct pack. they have formed some kind of bogus 'shop keepers alliance' and made commercials supposedly on behalf of them. will anyone buy this? who knows. maybe it would help if they said coloured packs would help stop the boats.

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unixbigot said...

Never mind the boats, I hear Cando Newman wants to build a tunnel to Indonesia and charge a toll.