by simon baird

Thursday, August 19, 2010


i've recently become aware of the 'fixie'. have fixies been slow to
catch on in brisbane, or am i just out of touch with local hipster
cyclists? (likely). i'm taking about fixed wheel bicycles. these are a
trend now i think. only they have to be old and restored or converted.
new is not cool for a fixie. here are some sydney fixies outside uber
cool surry hills coffee shop, remy and lee's, possibly belonging to
remy and lee themselves. (i sense a correlation between hipster coffee
shop owners and fixies).


Green Apple Cat said...

I bought a fixie when we first moved to Brisbane. Took me seven minutes to ride to work and twenty to get home up hill. Sent it to Tim in USA c/- his employers. Don't know if he still has it. Suspect not. It was a bit of a girls bike.

Anonymous said...

Scott: I think you mean single speed.

I built a road fixie back in 2005, left it in a garage for two years when I was overseas, and flogged it on eBay last month.

The hipster kids in Melbourne have switched to cyclocross now :)

simon said...

i remember chopper handlebar single speed bikes (maybe fixies, not sure) in townsville around 1990. back then it though was a bogan trend. you'd ride them in the suburbs with thongs and a pack of ciggies tucked in your t-shirt sleeve and some kind of rats tail or a mullet.