by simon baird

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You have to hand it to Nintendo

Early reviews of the 3DS are fairly positive. Apparently if you look straight at the screen you pretty nice 3D.

You have to hand it to Nintendo.

A timeline:

1996: Nintendo: Releases first console with dual analog sticks, basically inventing 3d console gaming. Also, vibration pack.

1998: Sony: Releases the dual shock controller for PS1 with analog sticks.

2006: Nintendo: Releases motion sensor and optical pointer control system. Sells a bazillion Wiis.

2007: Sony: Craps pants, scrambles to release six-axis controller with motion sensors.

2010: Sony: (Four years in development) Motion sensor and pointer! Does it look sort of familiar?

2010: Microsoft: (Four years in development) Motion sensor! And... Wii Bowling? Because no-one got tired of that three years ago...

2010: Nintendo: Releases a DS with an actual 3D screen. Also, a 3D camera which they are going to use for what sounds like some pretty amazing augmented reality, look-through-the-screen applications.

Sure, there's nothing to play on the Wii once you've finished Zelda and Mario. And Wii's graphical capability is something of a joke. But thank you Nintendo, for pushing things forward. Again.

And finally:

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