by simon baird

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

last post from iPhone OS

Notice my finishing move. That's the letter in white. :D Other
highlights include clef, 72 points, and atheist, 52. (You get 35 for a
bingo in words with friends, not 50)


tim said...

"Last post"? Are you moving to Android or something? Or are you talking about the rename to iOS?

Also, maybe I shouldn't have started that Words game with you. I already get my butt kicked enough in chess.

simon said...

i'm sure it was beginners luck

Green Apple Cat said...

I'm having heaps of trouble with the update. It's the backing up part. It takes forever, after an hour the green bit has only moved a couple of millimetres. I've Googled the problem and there are a lot of suggestions. Tried a few but they make no difference.

Any hints?

Congrats by the way. That's a good score

simon said...

I bailed out once when it was backing up. Like you I thought it was too slow and maybe frozen stopped. But I started again and it worked okay. It was overnight so I don't know how long it took actually.

simon said...

frozen or stopped.

Green Apple Cat said...

Thanks for the reassurance Simon. Will try again tonight.

sukumar said...
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