by simon baird

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

jack daniel's streetfighter

so there is a motorcycle thing, for want of a better word, where you take a perfectly good sports-bike and rip the fairing off. depending on your budget and/or mechanical skill you could add some personal touches to make your bike uniquely cool (and to stop the lights from flopping about on their wires). the results are generally not pretty but there is sort of tough, mad max/post-apocalyptic appeal and you end up with a naked racing bike. (conventional naked bikes have a more upright riding position designed for riding sensibly). it's popular enough that manufacturers such as ducati are jumping on the bandwagon and releasing bikes like this.

i am telling you this so that you can appreciate the following. discovered at brookside westfied on the weekend. clearly a jack daniels fan. i also enjoyed the tiny, impractical handle bar mirrors. there were two helmets in matt black.

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