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Saturday, August 09, 2008

sigur ros tour manager on the australian tour

See here:

this is an interesting read. he's quite articulate. some excerpts:

...the reason why Amiina have not been with us in Australia was because – ta-da-da-da! – Maria and Kjartan are having a baby!

well okay then. I guess that's cool. it's also revealed that the band will be performing as a four piece only in the near future.

on batman:

...mildly diverting hoo-ha with a wafer-thin patina of substance

on barry's of melbourne:

... the place is kind of cavernous and heaving but without any obvious identity, just a load of young kids on the piss.

The whistling at the end of Festival on the album was also recorded on I-phone and features Georg and Jonsi walking home after the recording session revisiting the melody of what they'd just worked on. Amazing thing technology.

Jonsi has an iPhone? Okay. Shit. That's the last straw. Seriously. (Though they say coloured ones are coming soon...).

Also I now know who decided I'd like a spotlight in my face: Freyr Vilhelmsson. Freysi, why?

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