by simon baird

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


i have somehow agreed to play indoor soccer. a team sport. and my team has no reserves which makes it hard to flake out if i don't feel up to it one night. i'm crap at it. i can control the ball. i can be aware of what's happening around me. but not at the same time. also i need about two minutes rest after each change of possession. but i guess i didn't embarrass myself too much. at least i did slightly better than the guy who had an epileptic seisure and went home in an ambulance. i was goalie for the first quarter. have you ever done a knee slide on astro-turf?


Anonymous said...

That's hilarous!
I wish it could be seen on TV - or YouTube, anyway... Okay, I'd settle for Flickr!

simon said...

do you mean of me hurting myself? you'll have to use your imagination... :) actually it wasn't too bad. a proper knee slide would rip off handfuls of skin.