by simon baird

Saturday, August 09, 2008

...and we're back

didn't think i'd last this long but here i am. it's 2am. i've not been glued to the athletes parade however.

i did enjoy the nine year old earthquake hero who got to march.

the flag lap really dragged. now they're doing their torch relay. which sounds dull but i'm digging it. it's the olympic spirit. crap it looks like it's going to go out but it doesn't.

earlier i was making dove hands so, you know...

woah, he just took off. the new, new nikki webster?

oh that is so cool! with the super mario thing again. he's going to do a whole lap!! is that entire thing a video screen? blimey. maybe it's well engineered projectors.

drum roll....

no mistake with that fuse system.

you'd reckon china could put together a pretty decent fireworks show. you'd be right.

oh no. ad break. long one. i guess it was over anyhow. Bendigo Bank. Holden. Telstra. So we have Holden and Ford tonight. The Telstra ad is really grating. To think I was almost going to get my iphone from them..

they're showing a little highlights package. australia not wearing green and gold? eh? well they look pretty good i guess.

grant hackett swimming tonight

nice job china. now when is the ping pong on?

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