by simon baird

Friday, August 08, 2008

re sigur ros at hordern

it was amazing. jonsi is a god. but if i was going to dwell on negatives i might have said the following:
  • wtf is the deal with people getting up every two minutes to get drinks? and walking back and forth in front of me. go to the pub, you muffintime dildo scholars
  • sure jonsi looks good when he's backlit from the side but spare a thought for everyone on the right having a spotlight in their faces for the entire show. luckily someone left a drum stool in front of it for the last few songs and i could actually see something
  • the girls weren't there! i missed them :( ... i'm talking about these girls of course. the horn section dudes made up for it somewhat but i'm still grieving a little bit
  • the sound quality was so-so. especially compared to the enmore last year where the sound was godly. everything was a little muddy. the piano badly needed some eq-ing. the drums lacked punch. maybe it was better in the middle
  • pivot were amazing. the second to last song they did blew my mind. i will figure out what it was and get back to you.
  • the warm up music, straumnes on repeat
  • first note of first song, the submarine ping from svefn-g-englar... ... if you know what i mean you know what i mean...
  • jonsi's jacket
  • first half of festival was otherworldly
  • that bit near the end of inni mer... where you have jump
  • se lest. so i kinda spoiled the surprise a little for myself via youtube but still, holy sweet snapping duckfeathers, it's like just ridiculous how brilliant that is (sorry i ran out of adjectives at godly...)
  • the horn section really were pretty awesome
  • the set list was pretty cool, see here (scroll down) if you're interested
  • gobbledigook complete with confetti explosions
  • two encores (i was suprised, especially after poplagid, a traditional closer)
  • hoppiolla
  • vid spilum endalaust
  • fljotavik
  • bavarian pretzels and beer in the place in the fox studios bit
  • the cirque du soleil tent. it's big and blue and yellow
  • meeting jared from and his buddy and selling them my spare ticket
  • spending a whole weekend with yoshimi

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