by simon baird

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

get well soon kimya dawson's mum

Have you ever had a dream
That your favorite baby's drowning
And you grab him by his sweater sleeve and pull him up on to the ground and
You can hear the water slosh around inside his tiny gut
Push his belly up and down but he can't cough the water up
Suddenly a flood comes out his mouth till there is nothing left inside of him
He's empty now
There isn't even one small breath
And he goes limp in your arms
All the people's mouths are moving
All you hear are car alarms
And you wake up and start to cry
I will lose my shit if even one more person I know dies
So please don't die

My mom's sick she's in a hospital bed
I've got a word for all you ghosts in her head
And all you skeletons in her closet
Leave her alone
Leave her alone
Leave her alone, please
Because my mom needs you gone
My mom needs you gone
As long as she is haunted she'll never get strong
My mom needs you gone

You traded all your paper clips for a soap dish that way
Your best friend's rubber ducky wouldn't slip and slide away
But he traded his rubber duck for a cigar box to place your paper clips in
Mr. Hooper came to say
"oh my dear friends Bert and Ernie
Here's a little something for each of you from me
Here are your paper clips and here's your rubber ducky
How could I ignore such selfless generosity?"

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