by simon baird

Monday, April 28, 2008

delayed liveblog of the australian big brother 2008 season premier

no gretel. three cheers for that.

jackie and kyle are doing pretty good so far.

fake animals? good idea the animals were pretty boring anyway.

the pauline hanson woman. groan.

i couldn't  find rice so I'm eating curry with spaghetti. surprisingly good.

aw, she loves her grandson..

the alien guy. well stephen hawking and him are in agreement.

mmm, pataks simmer sauce, butter chicken. microwave poppadums. a little yoghurt.

woah I just noticed the mullet. does that count as a mullet? no it's more of a rats tail.

"i reckon we can have some [champas]".

"gots some tatts goin there.." lolz. warming to terri.

meal conveyor and no kitchen?

one bed? hurm.

boob girl? I call her eyebrows girl. tweezers. stat.

saxon doing roger rabbit eyes

speaking of tweezers, that guy on the townsville news headlines. blimey. he looks like teen wolf.

the japanese australian poker player. nobby. I like him already.

he has a blanky? er...

bimbo girl 1. (I'm presuming there will be more). aw, she's nervous

nobby translating saxon's kanji tattoo. on his neck. it was supposed to be star warrior. it's star dirt. "it was an asian guy that did it". "he fucked it up". brilliant!!

ok my lap is getting very warm. the sacrifices. can anyone recommend a lap thingy. hang on I need a stable table don't I.

snap eviction? stupid.

"have you got a shorter dress?" - terri to bridgette

the vet woman. why are they calling her doctor? ... of vet science? she seems pretty cool. might be the smartest one so far.

what the... he talks like dame edna?

can I just mention again how glad I am that gretel is gone. thank you channel ten. but why did you wait so long?

vet girl looks just a little bit like nina from then cardigans.

good looking guy.

sport meat worker girl.  "by the time it gets to me it's just a carcass"

she says "me" instead of my. "it's me towel. and frogs are me favourite animal". actually so does the last guy. they should understand each other.

honey bbq glaze twister? hmm

JCU ad. I remember that name from somewhere. JCU... no, can't place it. I think the ad breaks are getting longer. starting to wonder what's on the other channel.

might have been mistaken about vet girl being smart.

the midget belly dancer. she's so little! and her voice is slightly lower than voice guy. she's hugging her husband. i am trying to not saying anything politically incorrect.

mikey, bree, fitzy, aw, we missed you guys.

omg, terri is asking if whether hobbit girl can use a human sized toilet!!

"are you allowed to drink?" - terri to belly dancer.

let me explain something. she is not like a regular dwarf. her limbs are perfectly in proportion.

ad break analysis from guest blogger: the housemates are all a bit team zissou. this is good. possible gaydar ping on the vet. everyone loves terri.

the smart kid? claims he will keep his shirt on.

country girl (and token indigenous person, can I say that?). she wants us to know she puts tomato sauce on her lettuce. she seems nice. oh, she knows sporty spice, they're from the same town or something.

let's channel surf: SBS: South Park (quick boys how does the imagination song go?). Later, Drawn together.

bimbo 2. let's call her the brunette bimbo. oh she's a lingerie barmaid. classy. second biggest boobs in the house? obsessive clean freak.

okay, he escaped from a cult at 19. that's different. his family is still in the cult. they don't have television. also he's an ex cop and a hot fireman.

"if you hear a voice in the house, that's not god. that's big brother" - kyle.

that jcu girl in the ad is cute..

travis must have been bullied a lot at school.

big brother says they're sleeping outside until they decide someone to leave the house.

but can they stay in the yard indefinitely? rory asks this question.

rory wants to forget about the eviction for a while and mingle. liking rory.

okay it's over. my battery is getting low.

summary: pretty good so far. i kind of like all of them. I don't care for the immediate eviction. what's the point? really liking kyle and jackie.

argh. good news week. they still making that?

ahah, good game is on. (refer to previous blog posts). lets check their wardrobe... same shirts.

they've tried rock band. they say it's pretty good.

okay, if there's anyone still reading this, post your top three predictions in the comments.


Anonymous said...

my top three predictions:
1. i shall never try spaghetti with curry.
2. those game guys will, eventually, change their shirts.
3. you will, eventually, say something politically incorrect.

Green Apple Cat said...

My top three:
1.) David (fire fighter, ex-exclusive brethren)
2.) Brigitte (Blonde girl)
3.) Renee (Abattoir girl)

Also, a cushion with not too much stuffing and a tea towel over it is a good substitute for a stable table. Good for hot meals.

Green Apple Cat said...

I should clarify... they were my top three PREDICTIONS. Not my top three fantasy lovers or anything like that.

Green Apple Cat said...

Miranda's top three predictions:
1.) David
2.) Alice (I agree. What's the deal with "doctor"? Did she get a PhD?)
3.) Dixie

simon said...

I'm gonna go (not in order) for top three: terri (pauline hansen), rory (brickie), david (fireman).

Anonymous said...

hmmm, my top 3 predictions...

1. Brisbane water restrictions will be even worse this coming summer
2. One day the saying "politically incorrect" will be correctly applied to politicians, and
3. You will never guess who posted this...

Donni said...

hmmmmm... hard call...

1) David the ex cultist
2) Take your pick of a blonde
3) A future surprise house guest

Is there a prize for getting the trifecta?

Is your heat seeking feline Burmese?

How's ur bowells?

Green Apple Cat said...

Well Simon. You kicked arse with those choices! We all got David wrong but you picked the top two. I'm impressed.

simon said...

yes, you're right. thanks, i had forgotten my predictions! i didn't see the final (or much of bb at all really) but i heard it there was a thinly (if at all) veiled attempt to spruik terry into the win on the night. depressing really. like a lot of things on bb this year.