by simon baird

Saturday, March 01, 2008


i'm a little disapointed that BryantAtDell didn't get back to me re dell's labour policies. but you can see he's quite busy. oh and a correction: it was malaysian factory workers, not chinese. i'm happy with my dell, it will be especially great in winter as a leg warmer. even still I'm wondering where I'd be if these were out a month earlier. multi-touch tempts. things I like about my new computer:
  • the screen is great (I got the upgraded screen, it's 1680 x 1050)
  • it lets me log in my swiping my finger
  • handy tv out for watching yr torrents
  • hdmi out (haven't used yet due to my nice tv already shipped to brisneyland)
  • windows media center with remote control (well actually I'm not using it but it seems like it might be nifty)
  • vista. nice job bill, vista is cool. I like windows+tab. and lots of other things
  • sitting on couch while blogging/emailing/feed reading/etc. wireless is good.
  • it's speedy (I've been using hand-me-down computers for quite a while) and the nvidia 8600M graphics just in case I want to play some games
  • double layer dvd burner slot drive
things that could be improved:
  • I wish there was a headphone jack on the side. there are two jacks both on the front under the track pad. if you're hooked up to the tv it would be better to have an audio out on the side so it's out of the way. (problem goes away with hdmi though)
  • the touch sensitive volume and meda controls are a little insensitive to my touches. give me tactile buttons next time
  • well I guess in summer the leg warming thing isn't so great
  • the hard drive makes little scratchy noises. i've googled and found that it's "normal". it's not too bad but would be nice if it was a little quieter
  • whenever i move my itunes and my picasa i loose all my playlists and photo albums/tags. this might be my own fault for doing it wrong but i'm miffed.
it is an XPS M1530

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