by simon baird

Friday, February 22, 2008

a short list of essential firefox plugins (for developers)

Web Developer
Save as Image (I like it better than Screengrab)

Well you probably already knew the first two, but checkout Save as Image if you don't already have it. Also shortlisted is ColorZilla but I've not installed it. I'd like one that was just a colour dropper and less confusing UI wise. Attention Chris Pederick, how about putting a colour dropper into Web Developer?

I forgot IE Tab.


Anonymous said...

Haven't tried 'Save as Image' or 'Screengrab'. I'm a happy user of (an old version of) Snippy. It works inside and outside the browser, but is limited to viewable areas.

Anonymous said...


Green Apple Cat said...

Everyday this week I've checked your blog for updates, and everyday I read "a short list of existential firefox plugins" at first glance.

I think the X from firefox must quickly jump over to the word essential and then zip back again.

(Yes. That last sentence contains every letter of the alphabet.)